Latest Software
3-axis Brushless Gimbal Controller Tool
Flight controller V2 Firmware V4.0 (Auto speed down during RTH if less than 80m)
Gimbal Firmware New Version V1.0 (no need amend rate-limiting parameter)
Gimbal Firmware V2.41
free X  Flight Controller Tool V2(can choose the distance and height model)
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  • Ready to fly right out of box after a simple compass calibration .
  • No need for any complex pre-flight settings, no programming and parameter tweaking needed. Its Ready to fly right out of box after a simple compass calibration and One touch Gyro initialization with supplied USB Dongle.
  • Onetouch 4 Aircraft Control Board
  • Onetouch 4 is extremely easy to setup, program and tweak should one need to tweak the parameters further to tame the Quadcopter to their flying tastes.
  • Two flight modes.
  • Offers 2 very beginner friendly Flight modes: 1.The Attitude and Altitude Hold mode: Quadcopter will hold its altitude and attitude once all the sticks are centered.
    2. The GPS Position hold mode: Quadcopter will hold its Altitude, Attitude and GPS position once all the sticks are centered. It’s the perfect feature for beginners to learn to fly as this gives them plenty of time to build their orientation and flying confidence.
  • Carefree Flight Mode
  • Also offers the Carefree flight mode feature that is the best training feature for beginners to build their orientation. Once turned on, No matter where the QuadCopter forward section is pointing to, the Orientation on Radio sticks will always stay the same as pilot's orientation. That means on right stick the Cyclic Aileron and Elevator control (mode 2 radio)
  • Auto-return Function (with the world’s first full-time all channel active control during RTH)
  • FreeX SkyView Quadcopter with FreeX flight controller offers very precise and reliable Auto Return to home both on Demand and on failsafe.
  • Pilots can choose from two modes upon control signal lose
  • Pilots can choose from two modes upon control signal lose: 1.Auto Return to home .2. Hover at last known position
  • Low voltage protection
  • When the voltage is lower than the set voltage in FreeX parameter control software, the LEDs on the QuadCopter will blink to inform the pilots of low voltage on battery and pilots can easily fly back and land the Quadcopter before battery totally runs out of power.
  • High quality balanced, Self-tightening propellers on motors
  • High quality balanced, Self-tightening propellers on motors are very easy to install and marking on props and Quadcopter arms will guide even a total beginners to install right propeller on right motor. There is no way you can install a wrong propeller on wrong motor.
  • Safety Protocol Algorithm
  • FreeX has a special SPA (Safety Protocol Algorithm) for electronics, that can prevent GPS glitches once or if the magnetometer is damaged or not working properly. Thus preventing the abnormal flight behavior, out of control drift or out of control Fly away.
  • High Intensity LED Lights, To Aid Orientation During Flight
  • there are some high intensity LED indicators which are used to help you to see the orientation during flight.
  • Fuselage structure
  • The fuselage structure is stronger than other brands 70% , resistant crash and impact. Diagonal dimension is 38 cm. The standard configuration is 9 inches propeller, and support 10 inch propeller.
  • Full CNC aluminum alloy brushless gimbal
  • Full CNC aluminum alloy, lightweight, two-axis brushless gimbal for GoPro 3 Cameras, Specially designed for GoPro 3 cameras.Easy to install, plug and play. No complex setup or tweaking parameters for Gimbal. Just install the GoPro 3, and power it up to use.
  • 2.4 GHz 7Ch Transmitter
  • Transmitter all-in-one design has included the controler and receiver, help users to completely eliminate the worry such as outsourcing. When the control distance is too far or lose the signal, The flight control system of Free X will builds automatic balance out of control protection function, all of the operation stick output will be put on center, under the condition of good GPS signal, auto trigger automatic flight return and safe landing function